Local Farmers' "Mission4Milk"

Macclesfield MP, David Rutley, recently met with Mr Andy Venables, a local dairy farmer, to see first-hand how dairy farmers are coping during the coronavirus pandemic and give his support to the ‘Mission4Milk’ Campaign. 

During the visit, David was given a tour of Hills Green Farm by Mr Venables and his father, as well as fellow farmer Mr Danny Newton. Hills Green Farm has an impressive herd of over three hundred cows, and David was able to see how the farm is utilising modern farming techniques to improve farm efficiency and animal welfare.

Whilst there, David learned more about “Mission4Milk,” a campaign started by Mr Venables through his separate marketing business to improve the way milk is marketed and viewed in the UK and help people, of all ages, make milk a part of their daily diet. The campaign looks to highlight the importance of milk in improving the health of the nation, whilst supporting a product produced by local farmers in Cheshire and across the country. He has already arranged a milk-round with Mr Newton to help supply milk to local people and the campaign is going from strength to strength.

This campaign is certainly timely, as, during the current coronavirus pandemic, it is important that people do what they can to improve their immune system. Diet has an important role to play here and “Mission4Milk” helps highlight the health benefits of milk. The recent rise in home cooking and baking has also helped many households appreciate the practical value of milk.

Speaking after the meeting, David said: “In these unprecedented times, it is important to support our local farmers. They play a vital role in producing our food and that role should be better appreciated in times like these. That’s why I am pleased to have been able to visit Hills Green Farm and give my support to the dairy industry and the Mission4Milk Campaign.”