East Cheshire Housing Consortium Gives Helping Hand In The Community

Macclesfield MP, David Rutley, has visited East Cheshire Housing Consortium (ECHC), to give his support to the important services it provides in our local communities.

ECHC plays a vital role in helping vulnerable individuals with often complex backgrounds, primarily with mental health problems, with short or long term housing and support. David met with the organisation's Chief Executive, Brenda Wright, and Chairman, Jim Bissett, at their Catherine Street premises, and learned more about the support services provided, which range from supported housing where tenants live semi-independently, through to full residential support, 24 hours a day.

David joined also Ms Wright and Mr Bissett for a visit the Weston Community Centre on the Weston Estate, from ECHC provides more ad-hoc support, to give its users a helping hand and assist them in learning practical, day-to-day skills. This can include anything from building confidence in using IT; learning domestic skills; building up social contacts and activities; or even providing guitar lessons. ECHC actively partners with the local healthcare sector and local authority social services departments to provide these services, and also works in conjunction with Macclesfield College to provide training and develop skills.

Speaking after his visit, David said, “I was impressed to see the range of services that East Cheshire Housing Consortium (ECHC) provides for its service users, often with very complex health challenges, to plan a pathway towards turning their lives around. The ‘floating support services’ offered at the Weston Community Centre are a particularly innovative development and it was clear to me that the ‘helping hand’ they offer to users are much-valued. Any local groups interested in making use of the Weston Community Centre’s impressive facilities can also contact ECHC directly.”