Silk Roads Recycled Celebrates Local Silk Heritage

An innovative new exhibition, The Silk Roads Recycled, recreating the ancient Silk Road between China and Macclesfield that was open to the public during the Barnaby Festival, has been visited by Macclesfield's MP, David Rutley, to see for himself how it helps bring to life our local silk heritage.

The Silk Roads Recycled is the work of Langley residents Chris Studds and Sarah Rodway. The exhibition, staged in series of indoor gardens housed in the renovated North Lights Factory building in Langley, takes visitors on a journey along the length of the Silk Road, from Xi'an in China, across Asia and continental Europe to Macclesfield. Key locations are represented by creative scenes, with destinations along the way including Mongolia (represented by a Yurt); a Persian courtyard garden; a Roman arch; and a cafe in Lyon, which was the hub of the French silk industry in the 19th Century.

During its public opening throughout this year's Barnaby Festival, the exhibition was visited by over three hundred people. David heard more from Chris and Sarah about how they are currently reviewing options to make this unique visitor attraction available for viewing on a more regular basis. In the meantime, although the exhibition is now closed for general viewing, anyone interested in paying a visit can contact Chris and Sarah on, to arrange this.

Speaking after his visit, David said, "Chris and Sara's creative and well thought-through exhibition is a unique representation of the Silk Road and I was impressed to learn more about the commitment and energy that went into opening it during the recent Barnaby Festival. As well as being a vibrant, visual celebration of our town's important silk heritage, it has also helped to promote the local visitor economy. I look forward to keeping in touch with Chris and Sarah as they work to make this exhibition more available to local residents and businesses."