Rural Broadband is Real Priority Says David Rutley MP

Rural broadband is an issue of both local and national concern.  It is clear that access to fast broadband is a top priority for local businesses.  It will be critical in helping to create the environmentally sustainable jobs that are much needed in our rural communities. 

Cheshire East Council is part of the Cheshire and Warrington Superfast Broadband Partnership, an initiative tasked with securing private and public funding for Superfast Broadband (SFB).  The Council hopes that over the next couple of years large areas of the Macclesfield constituency will be covered by SFB. David met Cheshire East Council officers to review local roll out plans on Wednesday 10th August. 

It is estimated that increasing coverage of Superfast Broadband could bring a further £197million per year into the Cheshire and Warrington economies.  The cost of the project, which stands at around £40million, will be shared equally between funding from the private sector and grants from central government. 

Rural broadband is also a priority at the national level. In a Parliamentary debate on 19th May, many MPs from all parties, including David, expressed strong support for better access to broadband in rural areas.   

David said, “It is vital for rural businesses and communities to have access to dependable and quality broadband.  I will be working closely with Cheshire East Council, local businesses and relevant national bodies over the coming months to get the best possible broadband coverage in the Macclesfield area.”