My Recent Statement On The UK's Withdrawal From The EU

These are unprecedented times in Parliament. Whilst I voted to Remain, I respect the result of the 2016 national referendum and I continue to believe that securing a negotiated agreement on our withdrawal from the EU is a clear priority.

This is also the Government’s preferred outcome, which will ensure we leave the EU in a way that protects jobs and the economy. When speaking to the Prime Minister in recent days, he confirmed that we will intensify negotiations with the EU going forward, in order to help secure an agreement on the terms of our EU exit. I have consistently supported leaving the EU with a deal when this option has been voted on in Parliament.

Although a responsible Government should continue to prepare for all possible outcomes from these negotiations, including leaving the EU without a deal, local residents can be assured that I will continue to do all that I can to help facilitate this preferred outcome. It is time to move forward, put the current uncertainty behind us and leave the EU with a negotiated agreement.