Local MP Opens Redeveloped Pre-School Play Area

David Rutley, MP for Macclesfield, recently visited the Hollies Pre-School, based in Poynton, to officially open their redeveloped outside play area – work that was made possible by a successful fundraising campaign.

Work on the site took place over the Easter holidays, and David was delighted to visit the pre-school and cut the ribbon to formally open the new play area at a ceremony on the 30th June, which was also attended by Cllr Sandra Horsman, the former Mayor of Poynton. Parents and staff worked hard to raise the necessary funds this refurbishment, and held numerous fundraising events, including; sponsored toddles (a sponsored walk for toddlers), staff sponsored runs, fundraising balls and the sale of Christmas cards. The school also received support from the local Round Table, Ladies Circle and Rotary groups.

The Hollies Pre-School is a committee run charitable organisation. All staff are volunteers, and the pre-school has been running for forty years – starting as a small group in a scout hut, before the move to its current premises on Hazelbadge Road eight years ago. The pre-school, which is open five days a week, offers a number of different clubs for children, and further information about those sessions can be found here: http://www.theholliespreschool.co.uk/news.html

Speaking about the pre-school, School Manager, Debbie Moore-Grundy said: “We have an amazing team of dedicated staff who work hard to ensure the children are well cared for, happy and safe. We work with the younger children in preschool to help them progress through stages of development in all areas. Our breakfast and after school staff ensure the children enjoy a relaxed. inviting atmosphere so they can explore and enjoy their play.”

Following the opening, David said: “It was great to have the opportunity to visit the Hollies Pre-School, and have the honour of opening this new outside play area. During my visit, I heard more about the important work that staff are doing to support the development of young children, and it is clear from talking to parents that the pre-school has a positive impact on those children who attend. I am sure that this new high quality outside space will allow the pre-school to more fully support the children and their parents.”