Local Bakery Has Ingredients For Success

Artisan bakery and cafe, Flour, Water, Salt, continues to go from strength to strength, as David Rutley MP, learned on a recent visit to its premises in a renovated listed building on Market Place in Macclesfield town centre, to see how it and other independent traders are helping to contribute to the ongoing regeneration of the town centre.

David met with the bakery's founder, Paul Robinshaw, and his skilled and friendly team of 16 staff members, which includes bakers, chefs and front of house staff, all of whom work so hard to make Flour, Water, Salt's much-loved produce breads, bakes and brunches, which continue to be a big hit with the bakery's dedicated customers. He was given a characteristically warm welcome and shown around the kitchen and gained an insight into the fast-paced operations at the bakery. David hopes that success stories, like that of Flour, Water, Salt, will help inspire more innovative businesses to set up shop in Macclesfield.

Flour, Water, Salt began as a home baking operation, with loaves prepared in Paul’s own cellar. In an iconic 1970s Citroen van, he then became a much-loved and recognisable fixture at the regular Treacle Market in Macclesfield, growing the business into commercial premises with a small team of bakers at Chestergate. In 2017, Paul decided to expand into new high street premises to incorporate a café, alongside the bakery. An empty listed building on Market Place in Macclesfield was found and work began to sympathetically design and convert the dilapidated building into the premise’s many loyal customers enjoy visiting today.

Paul explained to David how the new premises have enabled the business to grow and further increase productivity, turnover and profitability, enabling it to access new markets locally and regionally, in both retail and wholesale. As well as this, he has been able to increase the number of employees at the bakery.

Speaking after his visit, David said, "From its beginnings selling high-quality artisan produce at the Treacle Market, Flour, Water, Salt has grown into the much-loved local business we see today. It is great to see this family-run and independent business expanding in this way, creating jobs and contributing to the regeneration of our town centre. I wish Paul and the team every success as they take forward the business in the year ahead."