David Rutley Organises Local Collaboration to Improve Hospice Care

Hospice care in Cheshire East is benefitting from a unique collaboration between the public, private and charity sectors organised by the local MP for Macclesfield, David Rutley.

The initiative involves Alderley Park businesses AstraZeneca (AZ), Bruntwood Group, Manchester Science Partnership (MSP), Bio Hub and Sodexo who have linked up with Cheshire East Council to support East Cheshire Hospice. A milestone meeting of the Partnership at Alderley Park celebrated achievements so far and discussed further developments.

The project began in March when the Hospice received a donation of 1,800 pieces of office furniture from AZ following the de-commissioning of the Parklands building at Alderley Park. The charity has so far sold items to the value of £15,000 with AZ assisting initial sales.

Volunteers from the Christmas Tree Collection are helping co-ordinate remaining sales, in line with the Hospice's green credentials and commitment to reduce waste by recycling.

Bruntwood Group and MSP provided alternative premises to continue sales of the stock which had to be moved to a different building to vacate Parklands for refurbishment. Liaison with David Rutley and Mike Suarez, CEO of Cheshire East Council, ensured the new premises were affordable for the term of the Hospice occupation. That has now led to permanent on-site office space secured following negotiations with MSP, allowing the Hospice to become charity partners with future Alderley Park businesses.

The Hospice has already started a relationship with Bio Hub and also hopes to develop connections with many of the incubator companies growing out of this facility.

Chris Doherty, MSP Alderley Park Managing Director, said: “At Alderley Park we have established companies and exciting young companies with a wide pool of new talent to draw on. Bruntwood are a family-owned company with a deep commitment to their social responsibilities in the area. This collaboration with East Cheshire Hospice can help all our partners to be a force for good in our local community." 

Graeme Bristow, AZ Alderley Park Site Leader, added: “AstraZeneca have a long history of collaboration with ECH being one of its founding funders almost 30 years ago. Innovation drives our business and this collaboration drives innovation. Our team gave over 800 days of volunteering to a wide range for good local causes and we fully support them as we know their skills and enthusiasm can make anything happen." 

East Cheshire Hospice Director Mike Pyrah said: "Collaboration and innovative are at the core of ECH strategy. The fact we are publicly accountable to our supporters means we are free to put more value back into the charity sector. Volunteering is a key asset in Cheshire East and we benefit from this every year with our volunteer-led Christmas Tree Collection, pulling together our Council arms-length companies like Ansa and local businesses creating positive social change through partnership.”

Stuart Bowden, MSP Alderley Park Site Risk Manager, said: "It has been great working with ECH and has created a domino effect that I know will mean we can achieve even greater things in the future.” 

Speaking at the milestone meeting, David Rutley MP said: “Getting the best business, public and third sector brains together can bring about real change in our community. We’ve seen this happen at Alderley Park already. By getting the right people involved with a collective will to make a difference, we've created an infrastructure that will help to grow the local economy, offer educational opportunities, nurture innovation and give us all a sense of place. This collaboration will use that foundation to deliver the right kind of community-funded care directly to the people who need it.”