Air Ambulance Services Touch Down For Parliamentary Reception

Local MP, David Rutley, recently attended a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Air Ambulance Group in Parliament, to show his support for volunteers and staff from the North West Air Ambulance Charity (NWAAC).

Since April 2018, NWAAC has flown 756 missions across the North West region, over 50 of which have taken place in Cheshire. These missions range from responding to road traffic collisions or reports of people falling whilst taking part in outdoor activities, to assisting people involved in industrial accidents or transferring injured people to hospital.

Like many local residents, David is very grateful to all the volunteers and staff at NWACC for their vital work in responding to call-outs and co-ordinating with the emergency services to save lives across the North West. Thanks to the generosity of donors, NWAAC has been able to invest in a new Rapid Response Unit vehicle, which will enable the charity to continue to respond to emergency call-outs and help save lives, even when poor weather means that its helicopters cannot be deployed.

NWAAC is currently funded entirely by donations, either from members of the public or grants from other organisations. Anyone who would like to help support NWAAC’s vital work, or volunteer with it, can contact the charity either by telephone on 0800 587 4570, or by email at

Speaking after the meeting, David said, “It is important to thank the volunteers and staff from North West Air Ambulance Charity for their incredible work across the region. It is good that, thanks to the generosity of donors, NWAAC has been able to invest in a new rapid response unit, so that, whatever the weather, it can continue to respond to call-outs and help save lives. I will continue to support this important charity’s work going forward.”